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April 11, 2022
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Using Insights To Explode Instagram

Using Insights to Explode

💥Using Insights To Explode Your Instagram💥


Coming up with content ideas as a network marketer can be frustrating to say the least, Boo. I know. 🙄


I was there once, too! 🙋‍♀️


Now, I have Reels that have been viewed and shared tens of thousands of times. Stories that have exploded my audience. And posts that actually get people talking so I can interact with them.💥


None of that was by accident. 


It’s because I study you guys! I know what you want to see and I create that instead of throwing crap out there that *I* want to see or that I THINK you might like. 😉


“Keep serving the food people don’t like at your restaurant,
people will stop coming to your restaurant.” ~Marina Simone


I read the data and I create based on YOUR feedback (i.e. likes, comments, shares!). As a result, I have almost 60K followers just on Instagram! 🤯

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Know what that means for you?? 

That THIS IS POSSIBLE for YOU, too, Boo! 


My secret sauce is none other than…✨


My Instagram Insights 🙂 🔎

If you have a professional account or a creator account, you have access to the same data I do and I’m going to show you how to use them!😯


When You Don’t Know What To Post🤷‍♀️


When you’re staring at your feed and you can’t figure out what to post, open your Insights on Instagram and see what your people have responded the most to.


Look at the stats on your Reels, your Stories, and your posts to see what is hitting your people in the heart the most. 🙌


I don’t even care if you only have small numbers right now. Those numbers will grow as you begin to deliver more and more. 📈

Reels for Network Marketers


When I first started making Reels, I didn’t have huge numbers, so I just went by what I was doing that was working at that time. 


Now, I have Reels that have tens of thousands of views on them, regularly. 😎


Action Item:

Open up your Insights, and check your numbers.

Which content has gotten the most saves? The most shares??

(I love seeing those big share numbers – they are, WITHOUT a doubt, home runs!) 🔥


MAKE ANOTHER reel just like it. Or repost it. OR use IT as inspo for your next Reel, using a current trend. 

Find, manage and analyze Instagram hashtags with Flick.

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Stories for Network Marketers

Just as with Reels, start where you are. Look at your Stories Insights and see what has gotten the most views and make more of the same style/topics. 🧐

Using Instagram Posts For Network Marketing Growth

This is the really good part…so don’t skip it!! 🗒


Action Items:

Look at the posts that have gotten you the most comments.

Make more of them and/or REPOST them. It’s TOTALLY acceptable to repost content from a year ago because…DUHHHH, who’s going to remember that??? 🤔


Look at the posts that have gotten you the newest followers. REPOST THEM! (Or make more just like it, if you wanna!) 👥


Look at your posts that have gotten the most comments in the last year. 💬




To repost, simply save the image, copy the caption, use the same hashtags BAM! 💣

Caveats to Insights for Network Marketers

If you’re new and don’t know your niche, yours will be all over the place.

You MUST know your niche.

Do that work first so you can shorten the road to success, rather than taking longer because you’re busy “trying out” things that may or may not work. 👇👇


Check out this post on niching to help you nail yours! 


❗️❗️Pay attention to your insights every single week❗️❗️

Data is important. You can slash your time to success if you do this right!💯

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  1. Khaisha Alexander says:

    I have 5.3k followers I’m ready to scale higher

  2. Khaisha Alexander says:

    I have 5.3k followers I’m ready to scale higher
    I’m ready to go the next level

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