Using Insights to Explode
Using Insights To Explode Instagram
April 15, 2022
How to Avoid Bad Leadship in Network Marketing
How To Avoid Bad Leadership In Network Marketing
May 9, 2022

What a “Like” Really Means to a Network Marketer

❤️What a “Like” Really Means to a Network Marketer❤️


You know when you have that one person that always likes your stuff and then you reach out to them, they ghost you when you want to send your network marketing product link? 🫤


What the heck, dude? Didn’t you just tell me you wanted more info by clicking “Like” on my post?? 😤


I was feeling pretty annoyed about that the other day and then I realized what a “like’ REALLY means!


It means you did something good. It means you got someone to slow down and react to something you did!! 


And instead of being bummed that they didn’t want your link, CELEBRATE that you got one more person’s attention in this crazy fast world of social media! 🥳

Viral Doesn’t Mean Much In Network Marketing

Everybody is so busy trying to go viral so they can just pull people in left and right, but you know what? 😎


Are you keeping those people on your team? Are they buying and continuing to buy from you? Do you even know who they are?? 🤔




Keeping sales and team members doesn't happen because you went viral.  😯




Am I right or am I right?? 


What You Can Do That’s More Important In Network Marketing🧐


So, instead of assuming that someone wants your deets if you see a “Like”, take it as a win and do something else.🏆

Do something that is even more important…💥


Connect. 👍


That is where relationships are forged…and relationships pay off way longer than going viral does! Right?👥


People want to buy from PEOPLE.🤝


If they’re not a person to you, you’re not going to keep them on your team long. ❌


So, the next time you see a “Like” on something you did, I want you to do 3 things. Mkay, Boo?? 


  1. Connect 👋

    Reach out to that person and say hi! Introduce yourself, rather than celebrating quietly to yourself and letting them think you didn’t notice them.😁


     2. Converse🗣


Tell them who you are and ask about them. (This is convo 101, Boo, you got this?)

Hi! I’m Marina Simone, CEO of Moms and Heels, what do you do??

Oh, there’s that opportunity for them to engage! Also, people WANT to talk about themselves…and it’s polite conversation etiquette to ask. SO ASK!

PS this is kind of like meeting someone new at a party…do that! Mkay??


   3. Direct 🔄


I want you to direct the conversation, now that you’ve asked who they are and what they do.

Create interest around your product so you can direct the conversation that way, easily. 

And we dive deep into how to do this in the Network Marketing On-Demand program…it’s, well, ON-DEMAND coaching WHILE you’re in the field!

No other program offers this kind of support, Monday thru Friday. And no other program includes DONE-FOR-YOU social! You HAVE to check it out. 👇👇👇

Okay, back to what I was saying… 🤭


You can tell if someone is interested in your product when you create interest and direct the conversation toward it and then they go, “Oh? Hey, tell me more!” 🤩


A Like is not a request for the 411. Mkay, Boo? Let’s stop getting it twisted. 🔀




It’s a big deal…let’s act like, Boo. 😁👠

How I enrolled 15 people from Social in Just 7 Days…👇Register for the FREE workshop 



And if you want more info on the network marketing industry’s LEADING program that’s helping people just like you build better, stronger teams so you sell even more? Click here. I gotchu. 😉


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