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Are you ready to LAUNCH your Network Marketing business?

  • Do you need help creating an unforgettable profile on social media that will position you as an influencer?
  • Do you need help learning how to convert the likes, comments, and video views into sales?
  • Do you need help with time management because of your busy schedule as a mom, wife, single mom, full time job, and trying to build your side gig?
  • Is the FEAR of what others think or might think of you holding you back from going BIG in your business and SLAYING ONLINE SALES like a boss?
  • Are you excited about building online because you are sick of the home parties and hotel meetings and your company or Upline is not being supportive?
  • What about Branding? Are you ready to learn how to build a brand but don’t know where to start or what to sell?

If you are ready to be a BOSS in your business online its time to chat! Do NOT let another minute go by where you feel lost or hopeless.

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Join the global HEELERS that decided to LAUNCH their home based business with my company.

I remember looking for the right company that fit me and my family.  I had a horrible experience with my first company making 0 dollars my first 2 years.  My second company I was sold a dream.  Now, I did grow to the top 12 in my company in 90 days, however, there was no structure and no training and I was left to figure it out all on my own.

It became my mission to find the company that fit me to the T! So I researched and studied 10 companies!  YUP! You heard me! I studied companies, owners, leadership, products, corporate team, training, systems, and of course compensation plans.  Ever been there? I can say I have been dating MLM companies until now.

I did NOT join because of the products.  Let’s face it, we can buy great products on Amazon or even now on Instagram.

It wasn’t even the “timing”.  LOL We have all heard , “OMG get in now be the first!” Ha!

What stands out to me in a company and seriously gives me goosebumps are:

  1. Leaders that are in the trenches with the newest enrollments in their team even though they have already maxed out the compensation plan.
  2. A culture of unity and mission. I can’t stand leaders that are all about the dollar.  “Look at my car, look at my house, look at ME!”
  3. A company that teaches the importance of branding and positioning yourself as an influencer.
  4. A company that is global with the opportunity to truly build online in my pajamas all over the world.
  5. A compensation plan that pays more to the actual person that made the first sale and not to the Upline that had nothing to do with it.
  6. A compensation plan that pays out the next day and gives that “diaper money”.
  7. A company that is ahead of the curve in the industry with marketing and the NEW social retail model.

You can also CLICK HERE to see my Facebook Live going public video I did on my transition.

If any of that sounds familiar or interests you we need to chat!

What our team gets is crucial for launching your business and getting you into profit the first day:

  • Training of how to LAUNCH your business
  • Easy ATM system training
  • All of my courses bundled together for success on recruiting and selling
  • My 3 Step SOS fb live course
  • Access to our Team Launch Private FB Group
  • Weekly 1 hour zoom Q and A training with myself and top earners in our team
  • Added to our 24/7 team chat community
  • Access to our top earners and my personal mentors

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